BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – This coming Tuesday evening—Aug. 2—the Bridgeport Police Department will be holding its ‘National Night Out’ event at the Bridge Recreation Complex.

This event allows residents and families an opportunity to build relationships with local law enforcement and all those who attend will get a ticket for various prizes given out during the event.

“For the Police Department it’s an opportunity for us to talk to people and interact with people in a manner that we don’t typically get the opportunity to do,” said Mark Rogers Bridgeport Chief of Police. “Hopefully make it to where it is more, we’re more approachable and it’s generally a good time.”

The event features free food, live entertainment, prizes, a large slip & slide, various games and bounce houses for kids.

Chief Rogers said, “We don’t stand alone in law enforcement and we don’t do these events alone either, because it’s an opportunity for people to come out and meet many different facets of law enforcement.”

State, federal and local law enforcement agencies will be here and show off different pieces of equipment that they use, like SWAT vehicles, Police K-9’s, Police motorcycles and other equipment.

“The public will get to interact with the officers, kids get to come in and look at a lot of the equipment, as well as the adults, some of them find it entertaining and informative,” said Chief Rogers.

Bridgeport Night Out is Tuesday, August 2, from 6-9 p.m. at the Bridge Recreation Complex Multipurpose Field. The event is free to the public and open to everyone.

Chief Rogers said, “We would like to do much more outreach than what we are capable of doing, just given the limited time everybody has, and to earmark one day a year that we do it full on it’s just a great feeling getting to see the kids and the adults, parents, everybody out there having a good time is really what it is about for us.”