BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WBOY) — Elison Independent and Assisted Living of Maplewood celebrated a centennial celebration for one of its residents on Friday.

Peggy Clark was born in 1923 in Washington, Pennsylvania, and lived there for the first 60 years of her life. Clark was nervous to make the move to a living facility in West Virginia back in 2014, but for the last eight years, she has been an inspiration for the staff and residents.

Executive Director Shane Jones and other staff members put together the entire party in honor of their admiration for Peggy.

“I think that anytime we celebrate a 100th birthday, we welcome them to the Maplewood 100 club. It gives the opportunity for other residents to look forward to having that same celebration and being a part of Peggy. It’s such a special day here at the community, and we are so glad to have Peggy out. Just to really enjoy her birthday,” Jones said.

Friends and family gathered from all over to share their love and appreciation for Clark as she celebrates this 100th milestone.

Clark said that she loves to spend her time relaxing, attending bingo nights, playing with her dog, and making everyone around her happy.