Bridgeport woman celebrates turning 100 years old


Pauline “Polly” Lasher celebrated her milestone with family and friends all day Saturday, as she shared memories and fun experiences that she has had through her 100 years of living.

Pauline told 12 news that is it felt good to see so many people out showing their love and support.

” I think it’s marvelous. First time in my life that I’ve had so many people that stopped in to see me. Isn’t that something? I mean, maybe someday you will be 100 and maybe you yourself will have a big party.

The bubbly birthday girl also shared what she believes the secret of life truly is.

“I can tell you what the secret is. I have Jesus in my heart. That is the secret. He walks with me and he goes everywhere with me. His father, god is watching over all of us. That is my secret. I carry a picture of Jesus in my wallet and I ran into a man one day and said ‘hey do you want to see a picture of my father’ he said yes and I showed him the picture. He then shouted ‘ hey that’s my daddy too’. I love the Lord.” said Lasher.

In her free time Pauline also loves telling jokes to friends and family members.

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