BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — More than 100 cameras will be installed near roadways and intersections to aid the Bridgeport Police Department. The cameras will be mainly used to recount vehicle accidents.

“What this does is allows us an opportunity to go back and see actually what happened in relatively, an easy way and get the most information over onto an accident report,” Bridgeport Chief of Police Mark Rogers said.

One of the first areas to have a camera installed is on the heavily-populated intersection near Emily Drive and Route 50.

“It’s one of those areas where you have higher speeds coming into a reduced and heavily traffic area,” Rogers said. “Emily Drive has seen such huge growth over the last few decades that I don’t know if it was ever truly developed to see the number of cars and motorists that go through it currently.”

Rogers said that the footage will only be accessible by the Bridgeport PD and that they will not be selling off people’s information. The footage will be stored in a server owned by the department.

He also said that the Clarksburg Police Department can gain access to the camera footage near the Emily Drive and Route 50 intersection due to the jurisdictional boundary in that area.

The cameras are part of a nearly $282,500 contract, which results in less than an average of $3,000 per camera.

“This is the latter part of this project for us, which has been going on since 2021,” Chief Rogers said. “It’s relatively new, but it’s a great tool to have and being able to have a city that backs us for public safety like they do (makes) it a relatively worthwhile project so far.”