BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Some members of the Bridgeport Youth Football Team honored Veterans Day a little bit early on Tuesday as they placed American flags on the graves of veterans at Bridgeport Cemetery, a yearly tradition.

This tradition started when a Bridgeport football coach wanted his team to get involved by laying wreaths in December, but due to timing issues, they decided to place flags to honor Veterans Day instead.

”It seems to bring like the kids together, the parents together, and the kids are also learning about veterans. We wanna teach the kids, we wanna teach them honor, respect, and they seem to do that every year when they come,” Cemetery manager, Tricia Bombardiere said.

Around 150 kids came out to place flags. More than 1,600 veterans are buried at the Bridgeport Cemetery and although not all of them got a flag on Tuesday, they are never forgotten.