BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) – The City of Bridgeport held a celebration with a ribbon cutting Wednesday of the Virginia Avenue Trail Connector.

A ribbon cutting was held on the trail that has been in the works for the last eight years. Bridgeport Mayor, Andy Lang said that the city gave thanks to the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department, engineering department, and public utility department for all of their work to help complete the project.

A local student also said that he is grateful for the updates facilities. “I am a runner on the cross country and track team for Bridgeport. So, it is pretty important that we get to come through here and be able to run; usually, we’re just kind of forced to run through the busier streets. So, it is nice to have more of a scenic way to get towards the lakes,” said Sam Dodson, a resident of Bridgeport.

The Virginia Avenue Trail Connector connects Bridgeport City Park with Civic Center Park and now Deegan and Hinkle Park.

“Our trail system in Bridgeport is phenomenal, especially for a city that probably really never had that in the initial plan of it. So, the city is worked real hard to put all that together,” Lang said. “We have applied, the engineering department did too, Beth applied for another grant and did receive one. That one is for, to be started somewhere in the Compton Park area and head over towards the Citynet Center.”

Mayor Lang stated that the trail project is currently in the design phase and then will move forward into the construction phase. He stated that once that is under contract the city will apply for another grant.