BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Bridgeport Police, Fire and EMS participated in an active shoot training drill at the Meadowbrook Mall Sunday evening.

The scenario had a domestic disturbance in the mall with a firearm to test the city police and the mall’s response during the threat exercise.

City of Bridgeport officials said over 100 hours of preparation with meetings, equipment gathering, and planning went into the active shooter training exercise.

“Unfortunately, too often in our country things like this are happening and it is great for not only the mall to be prepared, but for our officers, our firemen, for our paramedics to get this kind of realistic training so they are prepared for the worst should it ever happen,” said Timothy Curry, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Bridgeport.

Objectives were put together for the exercise to see what mall security, city police department, and fire department test and take away from the exercise. If an objective is not met, a plan will be put into place to make improvements.

“Nationally there is a trend right, and it’s getting better right, with those officers moving to that threat instead of waiting for SWAT Team back-up. That has really improved those statistics nationwide,” Curry said. “And we’re really cutting down on those times because patrol officers when these incidents do happen, they’re moving directly towards that assailant or that threat and putting them down quicker, or at least getting them cornered and stopping the hurting quicker than we were before.”

City of Bridgeport officials stated that they would like to thank the businesses at the mall and the city that has helped in performing the training exercise.