BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) – An ordinance was approved at a Bridgeport City Council meeting on Jan. 9, which was its first reading for a water and sewer rate increase.

The rate increase will average between $3 and $4 a month. However, the increase will be slightly lower for less usage and slightly higher for more usage. The second reading for Bridgeport’s ordinance will be on Jan. 26, and rate increases will fall into place 45 days after that pending final council approval.

For reference, the Clarksburg Water Board’s (CWB) minimum bill is based on 3,000 gallons of water, which is the usual monthly cost for about 45% of its direct customers. The minimum bill is $23.19 and will increase to $24.81.

Jason Myers, CWB general manager, told 12 News why these rate increases were necessary. He said, “All the costs associated with water production and water delivery has increased two to three-hundred percent just in the last year. And we’ve absorbed those costs up to this point, but unfortunately, we have to go back to the customer and ask for rate increases to offset those additional costs.”

While raising water and sewer rates is the last thing Myers said the CWB wants to do, there will be a two-phase rate increase. Within phase-one, these rates will help pay for current operational expenses, which helps keep CWB’s head above water. In October of 2023, phase two will commence, which involves the water line replacement project. This will replace a small percentage of the $85.6 million project.

The last time the CWB increased its rates was in 2013, while the city of Bridgeport’s last raise was back in 2015. The cost of its direct customer in phase one will rise by 7% and resale customers 11.5%. During phase two, it will be an 11.5% raise for direct customers and 4.8% on resale customers.

You may be asking yourself, “why the big difference in percentages?” Well, during phase-two in October, the board will be replacing service lines for the water line project, which mostly affects direct customers, rather than resellers. If it were main lines that were being replaced, that is when it would affect the resellers.

The following towns and municipalities purchase their water from the CWB. These are also known as “resellers”:

  • Greater-Harrison PSD
  • Good Hope PSD
  • Summit Park PSD
  • City of Shinnston
  • City of Bridgeport
  • Town of Nutter Fort
  • City of Salem
  • Town of Stonewood
  • Enlarged Hephzibah PSD
  • Short Line PSD
  • Sun Valley PSD
  • East View PSD
  • Town of Anmoore
  • Tri-County Water Association

If your town purchases its water from the Clarksburg Water Board, be sure to keep an eye out for water rate increase notices.