CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Civil and Environmental Consultants in Bridgeport presented the Clarksburg Mission with a $5,000 check on Tuesday morning.

The check comes after the engineering company saw the mission at a Harrison County Commission meeting requesting funds for a new floor, and the commission fell short to their need.

A check presented by Civil and Environmental Consultants

Officials with the Clarksburg Mission said it’s important for small things to be in place for those seeking assistance.

“One of our staff said often our residents, early on, have a lot of guilt and shame about the struggles they’ve been in, and they’re staring at the floor a lot. Flooring can make a big difference, we think, in folks’ attitudes and encouragement,” said Lou Ortenzio, Executive Director of the Clarksburg Mission.

The donation will be added to their goal of $50,000 for 50 years serving the community.