CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Clarksburg City Council met Thursday evening and held presentations of two proclamations for stalking awareness month and human trafficking awareness and prevention month.

The council openly discussed personnel issues regarding the evaluation of the Clarksburg City Clerk, Annette Wright, and the mayor stated they will hold a special session regarding her evaluation at a later date during the meeting.

“I was director of personnel here for 20 years, so we’ve done performance appraisal reviews, a lot of them,” Mayor James Marino said. “Most generally those employee reviews are done with the supervisor and the employee, and it is done in kind of a closed session. I assume that it would be the same here, you know, that they, we would do the performance appraisal in closed session. But according to the open meetings act if they, that person you’re going to evaluate wants to have an open meeting they are entitled to that. That’s fine, that works for me, I have no problem, I just wasn’t aware of that open meetings act stipulation where they can request an open meeting to do a performance evaluation.”

There are two city employees that work under the city council and those are the city manager and the city clerk.

In unfinished business, the council held a consideration of a second and final reading and public hearing of an ordinance that will increase the salaries of the Fire Chief and Clarksburg Interim City Manager, Steve Pulice, and Deputy Fire Chief, Jimmy Green.

“We’re in the process and have been in the process for quite some time trying to find a city manager and we had an Interim, Chief Kiddy, in there for quite some time and he wanted to get back to assume his role as chief of police which we obliged him and the fire chief stepped up,” Marino said. “We’ve got some interviews scheduled for next week. So, we are going to keep plugging away and moving forward. This is putting it out our third time. Like I said, we found a lot of qualified folks and we’re trying to get the right fit for this position. And I say we need to make sure we take our time and hopefully find that right fit. It has taken us some time but hopefully, it will be worth it at the end of the day.”

Their salaries would each temporarily increase as they take on the roles of the city manager and fire chief until a permanent city manager is put into place.