CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library spent time on Wednesday night to talk with parents about homeschooling children. The information session met on Zoom.

“Scholastic Go!” was one of the resources discussed in the session.

Among the attendees in the session were parents of all level in homeschooling expertise. Veteran homeschooling parents were able to chime in and share their perspectives to parents who will be new to or are thinking about homeschooling this fall. In addition, the library was able to show what resources were available online, all accessible by entering a library card number.

“The reason we wanted to offer this for you guys is because many people out there are potentially somewhere on the homeschool journey,” said Shannon Ruggeri, the programming coordinator at the library and someone who had homeschooled her children for several years.

The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library website features sections dedicated to student resources, databases, and homeschooling resources.