NUTTER FORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Clarksburg League for Service held its annual picnic where it announced its scholarship winners Tuesday.

The League for Service handed out a total of $12,000 to nine Harrison County students. Each student received $1,500 to help further their education.

“The league does so many community services, among them Amy’s Attic over in Glenn Elk. And we do bookbags, there are so many of these scholarships. There are so many things that we work on during the year,” said Sharon Underwood, Clarksburg League of Service Scholarship Committee member.

Members of the Clarksburg League of Service encourage those who are looking to give back to their community to join. Those members stated it is an opportunity to help those in the county, the youth, and the less fortunate.

“I have been in the League for Service 13 years, and the most rewarding thing is working at Amy’s Attic,” Underwood said. “We have so many people come in, adults, children, people sent from the Salvation Army, the Mission, guidance counselors at school.”

Underwood said the Clarksburg League of Service hosts many fundraisers to support the things they do in the community.