CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Brian Ash, a step van driver from Clarksburg, made his way to Indiana to compete in a National Championship at the Indianapolis Convention Center on Aug. 16.

The 2022 “National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championship” began on Aug. 16 and concluded on the night of Aug. 19.

Before being able to compete at the championship, Ash had to participate in a competition. In order to participate in the competition, the organizers had to make sure that he had no accidents and has been safe within’ the past year. He won the competition and became eligible for the National Championship.

Drivers competed against other drivers in a written exam with fifty questions about safety, customer service, and on the road. They had to find defects on vehicles with a limited amount of time, and then had an obstacle course full of six obstacles where they had to compete for points but not hitting objects. The schedule of events can be found here.

The championship has multiple classes that will be rewarded, just a few are step van, sleepers, and tractor trailers. One person from each class and each state is selected as a winner at the end of the championship.

Certain people compete on certain days, Ash competed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. They had different classes on each day.

With such an exciting opportunity, it is understandable that Ash would feel some sort of emotion. He said, “it’s pretty good, I mean, first of all, I mean, going a full year being safety is something to celebrate period. No accidents or anything like that so, and then to come here and get to compete against other drivers across the country, and meet people from other states and people clear to Alaska is pretty awesome as well.”

He feels it is important to have this national championship because it helps to get insight from other areas, people’s driving habits, safety practices and customer communications.

When asked in an interview with 12 News, Ash recommended some advice for readers and viewers. He would like for people to drive safe, watch for others on the road, and pay attention in case if you have to counteract what another driver is doing.

12 News is wishing Brian Ash the best of luck at the National Championship and a big congratulations for going to participate.