CLARKSBURG, W.Va – Have you missed the Clarksburg McDonald’s located on West Pike Street? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait too much longer.

Clarksburg McDonald’s owner John Ebert and supervisor Kevin Murphy confirmed with 12 News that the McDonald’s plans to open on Tuesday, July 12. Social media posts originally indicated that McDonald’s would be opening on June 11, but issues with the grill pushed back its reopening.

“We’re excited. You know this store was built in 1973 so it definitely needed a remodel so we looked at different places, different locations, but we decided to stay here,” Ebert said. “It’s a small lot, but we’ve done a lot of wonderful things in here so we’re excited to be apart of the Clarksburg community.”

Looking at the restaurant from the outside, it underwent noticeable changes.

Aside from the cosmetic face-lift McDonald’s went through, they also moved its drive-thru windows further apart to move cars quicker through the process.

The inside went through noticeable changes as well. They added a service area for DoorDash drivers to have more accessibility, two kiosks for people to order, a new grill, and more.

Workers are excited to see the new changes for the restaurant.

“It is great to see this new store,” Clarksburg McDonald’s director of operations, JD Owens, said. “I just think this whole lobby, it’s all new, all bright and it looks so much prettier when you walk down the street now.”

McDonald’s Interior (WBOY – Image)

The Clarksburg McDonald’s originally closed on May 30 to remodel. The original hope for the chain restaurant was to open back on July 1, 30 days after closing.

Marketing director Lisa West Cook wasn’t surprised on how fast the crew finished the project.

“That’s the McDonald’s secret that we don’t give out,” she chuckled.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the McDonald’s on July 12 at 1:15 p.m., the store will open at 10:30 a.m. They will hold drawings and give out prizes over the course of the week and plan to hold a block party on July 16 to celebrate the reopening.