CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Clarksburg Police Department is doing its part in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness in October.

The department decided last year to get pink signage put on one of its older cruisers to support breast cancer patients and survivors. One of the officers brought up the idea of spreading awareness and honoring women who have fought and are still fighting, so they decided to decorate the cruiser.

The cruiser was parked in front of city hall and the police department last year, but it has been seen around the city this year. Lt. D.W. Messenger said the cruiser parked in front of the building was a hit last year, and residents would go by beeping in support, as well.

“Well, obviously, anything to raise awareness of the issue. I’m pretty much sure just about everybody knows somebody who’s battled breast cancer. I personally do, I have several family members who’ve battled breast cancer so, it’s good to raise awareness and to show our support in that fight,” said Lt. Messenger.

This will be the only Clarksburg cruiser that will have the Breast Cancer Awareness signage due to finances; Messenger said that they do not want to overdo it with the taxpayer’s money, so this cruiser will be the only one with the Breast Cancer Awareness logo.

The car will be covered in the pink signage throughout the rest of October and will stay that way in support of the cause. Clarksburg residents will be seeing it again next year.

Other departments, including Shinnston Police, are also supporting breast cancer awareness this month using signage on their cruisers. If you see other first responders sporting pink this month, send us a photo or email to