UPDATE (7/13/2021 3:41 p.m.):

NUTTER FORT, W.Va. — The Clarksburg Police Department has released more information into a search in Nutter Fort.

According to Clarksburg Police Chief Mark Kiddy, police were looking for piece of evidence to corroborate a statement in the area of Nutter Fort.

The search began at 9:00 a.m. and was undertaken alongside the Morgantown Fire Department, Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the Clarksburg Fire Department, Kiddy said.

Kiddy stated that the evidence was not located at this time, and he emphasized to the public that police were not looking for human remains.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

ORIGINAL (7/13/2021 1:11 p.m.):

NUTTER FORT, W.Va. – One lane of Route 20 is blocked Tuesday as emergency officials search Elk Creek for what they describe as “evidence.”

The Clarksburg Police Department, assisted by the Clarksburg and Morgantown fire departments, have been using divers to search the creek since Tuesday morning.

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Boats, emergency vehicles and a mobile command center are lining the side of the road, causing the lane closure, in a section between Nutter Fort and Interstate 79.

Police Department officials did not say what the exact evidence they were looking for is or what investigation it is related to, but did say they would provide an update once the search was completed.