CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Ahead of next month’s election, residents of Clarksburg got a chance to hear candidates for city council. The event was organized by the Young Progressive Women’s Association.

One by one, each candidate got a chance to step up to the mic and talk about what was important to them, and what would be a priority if elected. After, the women from the YPWA organized questions to ask candidates to find out more information about them.

Two young women watch a candidate for city council.

The overall theme from candidates was the dissatisfaction with the way the city was headed, and wanted to be in a leadership position to change the course.

“When I hear people say, ‘Get back to where it was,’ I think it’s just something we fall back on. I think the real goal is to work together — young, old, whoever you may be — to make a bright future for Clarksburg,” said Betty Felts, director of the YPWA.

The election for city council will be held on June 1. The winning candidates will officially take office on July 1.