CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center hosted Warriors Rock, a musical tribute concert made up of stars and local veterans from north central West Virginia, on Sunday.

Those in attendance heard music that spanned the decades while also meeting men and women who have served our country in various branches of the armed forces. Local veterans shared memories and songs that reminded them of home while they were deployed. Special guest performers included Darryl Worley, Bobby Nicholas and WBOY’s own 304 Today show host, Lauren Winans.

Gary Racan and his Studio-E band also took requests and entertained the audience with a playlist of songs created by veterans.

“We do a lot of this kind of stuff, and these guys do too. So, when we can all come together and do something that means something to them, you know, and you can just tell the pride in that room out there. So, I mean it’s, it’s, for me it’s always like a highlight kind of thing. It’s just a big deal, and I mean, when we give a little bit of ourselves to help those guys [veterans] feel their worth, their self-worth, it means the world to them, and it should to us. It certainly does to me. I feel like I’ve been to the fair,” Darryl Worley, country singer and songwriter, said.

All of the proceeds from the show’s ticket sales will go to help veteran organizations in the area.

“If you’ve ever been to a live war zone you realize that morale is a big thing, and sometimes, it is not so high you know,” Worley said. “Those guys go through difficult highs and lows, and so, that is all you can pray is that any little thing that you do might make a difference, and I think sometimes it does.”

Worley said that home is a big deal because when he would go overseas to visit and entertain servicemen and women, they would tell him that it was cool to have him because for them, he was like a piece of home visiting with them.