CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – In its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, the Clarksburg Water Board addressed an issue raised by the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health about the quality of water in the city’s system. A May press release sent by the Bureau detailed that lead was found in Clarksburg’s water.

Since the release, the Clarksburg Water Board denied the claim that there was lead in the overall system. Instead, through its own testing, the board found three incidents of lead piping in pipes unrelated to the city’s main water system.

Currently, the water board is continuing to sample the water in different locations around the city. While tests are set to continue for an indefinite amount of time, the board is satisfied with the results that have been returned so far, and felt like everything that had been done up to this point had been proactive.

“The majority of citizens have never had a problem with their water service or with the quality of their water,” said Paul Howe, president of the water board. “And we’ve ramped up testing to make sure that remains to be the case.”

For now, the water board planned on continuing its sampling of water from around the city, testing for lead. It began preliminary searches for outside agencies that could potentially accelerate its timeline, but has not settled on anything yet.

The next water board meeting is set for Tuesday, July 27.