CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Clarksburg Water Board will begin the first phase of a series of rate hikes starting at the beginning of the new year.

According to a public notice, the Clarksburg Water Board will implement a 7% rate increase for residential customers starting Jan. 13, 2023. After that, residents can expect a second rate hike of 11.5% on Oct. 15, 2023. According to the water board, on average, these increases will amount to an additional $1.84 per month starting in January, and an average increase of $3.02 starting in October.

The two increase phases were officially approved by the Clarksburg Water Board on Tuesday, Nov. 29 as an amendment to the current water service rates.

Commercial and industrial customers will see similar increases—7% and 6.9% in phase I and 11.5% in phase II. Resale customers will see a large percentage hike at 14.1% in January and a smaller one at 4.8% in October.

According to the notice, the hike affects approximately 7,900 total customers. Also on Tuesday, the water board passed a new Water Rate Ordinance and adopted a new Water Board Tariff. Details from all three documents can be found on the Clarksburg Water Board website.