CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Clarksburg Water Board (CWB) continues to address the possible lead pipes and said it is working to identify and remove old lead service lines.

As of Thursday, September 2nd, 868 homes have been tested; 47 of those homes, or 5.4%, tested higher than the EPA established action level.

The Clarksburg Water Board announced that it will be launching a new interactive map next week on the CWB’s website that will allow residents to select their location and view inventory data that has been collected for their address.

The board will also begin potholing—a technique used to identify utilities below the surface level— in the North View area of Clarksburg. The CWB’s staff will be potholing the utility service lines (service line between the main line to the water meter) and the customer service line (service line from the water meter to the exterior wall of the served structure) at each property. Additionally, the CWB has been reaching out via the last known phone number to all property owners in the North View area to obtain consent to pothole on their side of the water meter. Property owners from the North View area who have not been contacted yet by the CWB may reach out by calling (304) 623-3711 or obtain the necessary form on the CWB’s website at

The Brita pitcher and filter distribution wrapped up this week. All residents who were identified as needing a precautionary pitcher and/or filter have been received. For this reason, the Clarksburg Water Board will no longer be handing out bottled water, rather, residents are urged to use their pitchers/filters until instructed to do otherwise.