CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The corrective action plan laid out by the Clarksburg Water Board was recently approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. The plan went to combat the lead pipes throughout the city.

Clarksburg water pipe map that will help combat lead pipes (WBOY image)

Over the past few months, the board had been in contact with the EPA in Philadelphia with video conferences biweekly. Together, they created a map of Clarksburg with every known pipe identified and rated them based on if work needed to be done. Water board president Paul Howe said that a map like the one the city has now is the first of its kind and will help the city to expedite the process in Clarksburg’s crisis, while also helping other municipalities in West Virginia that might need similar assistance down the line.

“We’re fortunate that less than seven percent of our residents have had any type of issue on an actionable level. So, it’s not really city-wide, but we’re gathering all of that information now,” Howe said.

In addition to removing lead pipes, the water board was also focused on controlling the corrosion of other pipes that could be harmful when they deteriorate.

The Clarksburg Water Board has begun several programs to help alleviate the effects of the lead pipes that were discovered back in May, including a water sampling hotline, free drinking water testing and handing out water and pitchers to those who were affected.