BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – A new healthy spot held its soft opening last week. 

Inside Clean Juice Bridgeport (WBOY Image)

The Bridgeport Clean Juice offers cold press, fresh juices, smoothies, Acia bowls, sandwiches and more. Everything in the store is fully organic. Staff members at Clean Juice believe in transparency, that’s why customers can see every ingredient going into their order through the glass at the counter.  

Kelsie Price, the General Manager at Clean Juice said they believe food is medicine and it’s an important part of how our bodies live and thrive.  

“Our goal is to serve as many dense nutrients as possible and getting from the ground without all the chemicals on it through the organics is the most efficient way to do that we think,” Price said.  

Clean Juice sign (WBOY Image)

They even have specialty drinks to help fight off a flu or cold.  

“Everyone’s looking for ways to boost their immune system with stuff going on so there are a lot of things we can do to help boost our immune systems,” Price said. “One, with dense citrus fruits and the nutrients in those but also add ones like we have camu camu or there are other things that are just really like healthy, organic nutrient boosters that can really just help your body fight off anything you might be coming down with.” 

Price recommends the cold press fridge. All the drinks in there are good for 7 to 10 days and are all marked with a date to ensure nutrient freshness.  

Cold press juices at Clean Juice (WBOY Image)

“We have everything from cashew milk lattes to full green juices with kale and spinach. Theirs just really a variety in that fridge.” 

She said the most popular one they sold on Saturday was the cream sickle cold press that’s made with orange juice. 

Clean Juice is located at 39 Conference Center Way Suite 101, Bridgeport. Its official grand opening is set for Dec. 18.