CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Last month, Harrison County Superintendent, Dora Stutler held a meeting regarding the rising concerns over the possible consolidation of Liberty High School with Robert C. Byrd and its feeder schools. On Monday, concerned residents gathered to discuss what this consolidation could mean and what they could do about it.

Those with concerns gathered at VA Park Pavillion on Monday to discuss what to do about the potential consolidation between the two high schools as well as the potential consolidation of the local feeder schools.

During the gathering, a discussion was held regarding test scores, school finances, and other possible solutions.

“What I would like to do is do what’s best for the community and the kids. I think we need to put forward some other options for the school board to consider,” said Fred Ware, the Faculty Senate Chairperson at Liberty High School. “I am not from the Liberty community, but I’ve noticed over the years that it is a pretty strong community.”

A discussion was also held regarding the school levy, which is voted on every five years and was last voted on in December 2020. The passage of school levies provides funding for new school supplies, including equipment for all students, buses, athletic facilities, and insurance.

“There’s a lot more stuff that we can be focusing on right now than trying to consolidate a whole feeder system. We’re not just talking about one school or two schools we’re talking about numerous schools at this time. So, let’s, let’s just slow down, let’s get the community involved with the process and this make multiple options and see where we can go,” said Tobey Knight, a parent of a Liberty High School student. “This is not that this isn’t the only option. Let’s come up with other options and put those on the table also.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 6 p.m. there will be a school board meeting at the Harrison County BOE building where parents and concerned residents can address the board with any concerns, questions, or possible solutions they would like them to look into.