CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – On Nov. 12, The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center hosted “Chaos Brings Honor,” a fundraising concert featuring FLAW, The Fall of Babylon, and Scare Tape at the historic Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center located in downtown Clarksburg.

“Chaos Brings Honor” raises funds to assist the Historic Clarksburg West Virginia Cemetery Preservation Alliance in continuing its mission to restore respect, dignity and honor to distressed cemeteries. The Historic Clarksburg West Virginia Cemetery Preservation Alliance started off as a volunteer community effort in Sept. 2011.

“To be doing something like this is crazy for us, you know, and especially since it is for a good cause helping keeping the cemeteries well-kept and everything to honor those who have passed,” said Tad Logero, guitarist and vocalist for The Fall of Babylon.

Cemetery Preservation Alliance officials said that they take pride in honoring the memories of those no longer living by caring for their final resting places as if they were one of their own loved ones.

“At the time me and my family lived on the street, Lee Avenue, and I had walked that cemetery occasionally never knowing the amount of history,” said Shaun Jedju, board president of the Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetary Preservation Alliance. “And then one day I just noticed it was half mowed. There had to be a reason, there had to be a story. So, me being curious I reached out to the owner, and he explained the situation that the perpetual care fund that he had purchased off the Odd Fellows had dried up. So, got to speaking to a couple of volunteers and we came together and started mowing it and up keeping it.”

Jedju said that the cemeteries hold a vast amount of history and many in the state hold a good bit of heritage pertaining to the founding fathers of the state and those who fought in the civil and revolutionary wars.