BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The North Central West Virginia Airport has an update over a month after it finally broke ground on its new terminal at the beginning of April.

As of May 15, Richard Rock, executive director of the airport, told 12 News that three-million cubic yards of dirt have been moved so far, in which two-point-one-million have been moved onto the site itself. They are now working on putting in footers and building its retaining walls. This terminal will be able to expand up to five gates in total. However, Rock mentioned that the terminal itself will take about eighteen months to complete.

Within this $25-million project, there are about eight different contracts that the airport will have to go through to complete it. The first phase was for site preparation, then the building will be built—which is the current phase they are on. They will then do utility work and make a new entrance to the parking lot. Rock mentioned that there are a ton of pieces moving and that they are excited to finally start watching things come together.

Rock believes that this project will improve the quality of life and adds potential for a lot of economic benefit and impact. He said, “I think that, as people come into West Virginia for the first time – we’ve seen so many people that, you know, haven’t been in West Virginia for a long time and flights that we have bring them back. It’ll give them something they’re proud of. You know, our state gets a lot of, you know, people talk about us – we don’t like that. We wanna put our best foot forward with this terminal.”

The executive director then showed a 12 News reporter an overlook of what the project will look like once completed. Rock added, “it’s going to be a beautiful facility, and something that’s going to be in service for a long time to come.”

The overview photo of the NCWV Airport project once completed. (WBOY Image)

All in all, Rock’s goal for the airport is to just continue growing. While the airport is located in a state with a low population, they are able to draw people in from a 200-mile radius. He also looks at it like this: the easier it is to get people to come to West Virginia, the more people would actually visit. Over time, Rock would also like to add some new destinations, but they must focus on building the new terminal first.

While it is easy to look at a project like this in amazement, people often forget the people who work behind the scenes. Richard Rock is beyond grateful for his team and employees that work for the Airport and are part of the project. He would also like to thank the government officials that have also helped in making this project a reality.