BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – A trio of Harrison County seniors celebrated their birthdays together on Thursday at the Stonerise Bridgeport nursing home.

Guy and Flo Luciano (WBOY image)

101-year-old, Guy Luciano, and his 98-year-old wife, Flo Luciano, held hands together as generations of family members celebrated the couple’s birthdays. They have been married for over 70 years.

When asked why he had lost all his hair, Guy said that his wife plucked them out one at a time. Flo said the secret to being married for over 70 years is patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Maryella Hitt celebrating her 101st birthday (WBOY image)

Maryella Hitt also turned 101 on Thursday. She was surrounded by family as Bridgeport’s mayor Andy Lang read a proclamation.

The two women were born on December 30th.  Guy’s birthday was just a couple of days ago on 28th.