BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) – DeNuzzo’s Italian Deli, located in Bridgeport, held a soft opening on Sept. 14 and its ribbon cutting five days after.

The DeNuzzo Family (WBOY Image)

Dylan and Alexis DeNuzzo, husband and wife and co-owners, thought up the idea of bringing the Italian Deli to the city of Bridgeport because they felt it would be a great addition to the town they both love. Dylan DeNuzzo mentioned his rich Italian heritage and how much he has always loved Italian Delis. Every chance he gets to go back to New York, he enjoys the deli that his grandfather goes to every morning. At this New York deli, his grandfather always gets his bagels, coffees, meats and cheeses.

There are a variety of items featured on the deli’s menu, including sandwiches, antipastos, charcuterie trays, Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, biscotti, and shelved goods. For specific menu items, you can find more information here.

Since opening, DeNuzzo had said that they have received a ton of feedback regarding their gourmet sandwiches and how they are the “best in the county,” but he, of course, wants to leave it up for customers to debate and encourages people to come out and try them. “You’ll be very surprised by what we can offer. Our chef, Chef Oscar, he’s world class, you’ll have some of the best food at this small place that you could ever imagine. It was a labor of love and we’re glad to finally be here. My wife probably wanted to kill me over the past couple of months, but we’re happy the doors finally open, so, come on in.”

Representing the Italian Heritage is important to DeNuzzo and his wife. He is proud of his family and of his last name, but despite his heritage, his favorite part about opening up the deli is getting to eat all of the goodies they have to offer.

Customers can dine in if they would like, although there is limited seating. However, the deli has a patio connected to the outside with seating for customers who like to be in the outdoor atmosphere.

This Italian Deli is located on 126 West Main Street in Bridgeport, and its hours are 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday