CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is utilizing a new tool during investigations and pre-employment screening.

Harrison Sheriff’s Detective Jeremy Burton recently graduated from the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center. During the 13-week course, Burton received training in the field of forensic psychophysiology using polygraph techniques. This course is nationally recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists and the American Polygraph Association, according to Sheriff Robert Matheny.

Burton is the first polygraphist in the history of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s going to be excellent. It’s something that we never had. He is the first one in the agency and we are really excited about it,” said Lt. Rob Waybright, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Final graduation and certification are awarded upon completion of a 12-month internship as well as many licensing requirements through the West Virginia Department of Labor.

“I’ll be able to do pre-employment screening for potential future deputies and also for criminal investigations. Polygraph sometimes gets a negative connotation from the movies, but really its designed for the innocent person to pass. Really it’s used to help exonerate innocent people from investigations,” explained Burton.

Matheny said he plans to utilize Burton as a polygraphist for preemployment screening and during criminal investigations.