HAYWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Harrison Power station near Bridgeport found a creative solution to its bird problem — more birds.

The station had been dealing with pigeons for some time before it decided to install nesting boxes to attract peregrine falcons, the fastest bird in the world. These falcons prey on pigeons and have worked well at keeping the birds off the property.

The primary issue posed by the pigeons was their droppings, and workers have noticed a major improvement since the falcons moved in.

“Pigeons are attracted to the warmth and shelter our plant provides, and our previous attempts to deter them from the area have not been successful long-term,” said the Technical Services Manager of the plant, Ed Murphy. “Installing nesting boxes helps attract falcons to control the pigeon population naturally.”

The boxes are filled with 75 pounds of gravel, a preferred nesting material for the falcons. The station believes it has two different falcons nesting at the power plant, and said that workers have even reported sounds of chicks coming from one of the boxes.