BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Monday was the Fourth of July, but firework tents have still been hit hard with the economy and gas prices.

Major firework brands say they had to make phone calls to regional bosses to help get major discounts on fireworks, as they were not selling and sitting on the shelves.

“It’s affected people extremely, especially with the gas prices, because people don’t want to drive to come see us. If they are already at Walmart grocery shopping they are going to go ahead and get a few things there. Because they don’t want to take the time to drive tent to tent to find that special firework, they don’t want to take the time, it’s to much gas,” said Angie Harrison, Phantom firework tent operator.

Tent operators say people who normally spend thousands on fireworks are cutting in-half of what they would normally spend on fireworks.

Harrison said, “prior to COVID [firework stands] were extremely profitable, but now due to gas prices and the economy it’s hard.”

“The year the COVID actually hit and everyone cancelled all the public displays sales were up tremendously, people who have never bought fireworks before in their life they came in and wanted to do their own fireworks,” said Eli Wagoner, owner of Wagoner Pyrotechnics, “since then guidelines have relaxed and people are social again, public displays are back, so sales have started to drop off a little bit.”

Furthermore, most firework stands are run on generators and it can cost more than $70 a day to fuel, which increases firework prices and impacts the consumer.

Not only that, out of the three firework stands 12 NEWS spoke to, all 3 were either vandalized or had items stolen from them this year.

To get people to come to their firework tents, each vendor has had to get creative with grabbing peoples attention and trying to set themselves apart from one another.

Wagoner said, “this year things have been down 20%, but I think that is due to the economy, gas prices, cause people are kinda worried about saving money, because they don’t know what is going to happen with things like food or gas.”