CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – An inaugural “Food Truck Battle” took place in the Kohl’s parking lot on Emily Drive, starting at 11 a.m. on Nov. 12.

Nine food trucks came to battle for a first, second, and third placing, which was decided by a panel of three judges at 12 p.m. Judging was based on portion sizes, taste, and overall quality. Each judge could add up to ten points for each truck, in which first place received a perfect score of thirty out of thirty. However, it was a difficult decision.

The Prodigal Son” was voted “best meal on wheels,” receiving first place, “Glen Elk Boys” placed second, and “Uncle V’s Kickin’ Chickin” got third.

The idea for the food truck battle came about when Aaron Lasure, who runs “The Slow Bros Club,” took suggestions from other members when they had mentioned liking food trucks at their events. They had brought up the idea of doing an event just for the food trucks, so the brought it into fruition. A car show was also supposed to be part of the event, but it did not end up happening, due to being rained out.

When it comes to the true reasoning and importance behind the event, Lasure said, “all these bigger businesses like, you know, your Walmart’s, and all those, they come in and they take a lot of business. And I think it’s important to showcase the small guy. I’ve always been for that, you know, our car club’s like that. You know, we love to see the small guy benefit, because without the small guy, the big guys wouldn’t be the big guys.”

Lasure said he would like to bring the battle back again in the spring. He is hoping to stay in the same location, but set up will be a bit different. He had said that he really wants to have two battles a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, hopefully starting in 2023.

The host thanked everyone who participated and said that he could not wait to make it bigger next time to help support the small business owners.