BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Drones can be used for a lot more than entertainment and Public Safety UAS is showing the first responders of West Virginia, firsthand.

This week in Bridgeport, Public Safety UAS is offering its Drones for First Responder course. This class is open to the public although the majority of attendees are first responders within the community.

12 News spoke with David Young, owner of Public Safety UAS, “with all things, law enforcement, fire, there’s training involved. There are going to be those missions, so to speak, that we’re out there looking for that missing person or that Alzheimer’s patient, or that nonverbal autistic child and we want to do so to the best of our ability,” Young said.

The class is currently suiting 20 students and will take place throughout the entirety of the week. The first three days will consist of a classroom curriculum and an exam, after that, the drones will be taken outside, and attendees will face scenarios they trained for.

A few of the skillsets and curriculum being instructed include setting up a drone program and how to do so correctly, rules and regulations that follow drone flight as guided by the FAA, and air space requirements and authorizations.

It isn’t too late to sign up for the course in Bridgeport, but if you aren’t able to attend, Public Safety UAS will hold a few more classes in West Virginia over the next few weeks.