BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Bridgeport Indian’s Youth Football and Cheerleaders gathered at the Bridgeport Cemetery on Nov. 7 to honor veterans.

Around 100 kids showed up to help stick flags in the graves of those who have fought and served for our country. They wanted to help celebrate the life of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, as well as to remember them.

Debbie Cain Strader and James Elmer Cain’s graves with flags (WBOY Image)

Sam Romano, the “Might Mite” head coach, discussed with 12 News why it is important to show the youth this kind of respect while they are young. He said, “it shows them comradery, coming together as an organization and doing something for the greater good. And a lot of times, on the football field, we try to teach them the same things, to, you know, play hard but also be respectful of all their opponents and on the field, off the field. Just, uh, you know, it makes them well-rounded players, I think.”

There were three divisions who attended from the youth football teams. There were ages five to seven, also known as the “Mighty Mites,” eight to ten, which is “Pee Wee,” and the ten to twelve year old’s, who are known as “Midget.”

Bridgeport Indian’s Youth Football has been honoring veterans for years by going to the cemetery and placing flags in the graves. Romano said that they were even doing it before he started coaching in 2019. He had also mentioned that he loved watching the kids run up the hills while placing flags and helping show them how to give back.

Dominick Julian on the left and Owen Glass on the right (WBOY Image)

Two “Midget” football players, Dominick Julian and Owen Glass, even stopped and talked to our 12 News reporter. They spoke about the reason they were there, and why it was important to honor the veterans. Glass said, “it’s important because they honored our country in wars, and protected our country.”