Gym members experience break-ins at area gyms

BRIDEPORT, W.Va. - Police are urging the public to not leave valuable items visible in their cars.

Police said that some break-ins have happened recently in gym parking lots. The Bridgeport area has only seen a few of these break-ins but incidents have been reported in Clarksburg and Morgantown.

One Morgantown gym user shared photos after his car got broken into while at Planet Fitness in Morgantown. The photos have been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook. 

"Well, something like that is simple. If you don't have to take valuable items with you, don't take them with you. The next thing is instead of just locking them inside you car or putting them in the back seat and covering them up with a jacket or something like that, put the items in your trunk," said Detective Gary Weaver, Bridgeport Police Department. 

Most gyms, like WV 24 Fitness in Bridgeport, offer free lockers with locks inside the gym. 

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