CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – When the Riffee family adopted Waylon from the Marion County Humane Society about seven years ago, they had no idea how much of a positive change, their new furry friend would make. Waylon now lives in Doddridge County with his new family.

“Waylon is one of the most loving members of our family. I’m not really sure what life would be like without him,” said owner Brad Riffee.


Waylon’s owners said that they are thankful to have given a shelter animal a forever home and would encourage anyone looking for a pet to check out their local humane societies.

“There are so many animals who need loving homes. It’s been a blessing to have Waylon in our lives and I know there are so many other pets out there who would enjoy the same opportunities he’s had,” said Riffee.

To adopt a pet or volunteer at a local animal shelter, contact the Harrison County Humane Society at (304) 592-1600, the Doddridge County Humane Society at (304) 782-4900, or the Marion County Humane Society at (304) 366-5391.