CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – With last week’s Primary Election over, many counties around the state will be doing its canvassing like Harrison County did on Monday.

Canvassing requires that two precincts out of the county’s 64 precincts be hand-counted to check for discrepancies from Election Day.

Harrison Co. canvasses result from Primary Election (WBOY Image)

Provisional ballots, or ballots that came from the polling location with an issue, will also be looked at during the process.

“I don’t anticipate them changing too much. We had 67 provisional ballots. So, some things could change because we had some races that were close, but I don’t anticipate it changing much. I’ve done a bunch of these elections, and they don’t tend to change very often,” said John Spires, the Harrison County clerk.

After Monday’s canvassing, results from last Tuesday’s election in Harrison County will become official results.