CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Harrison County Commission argued about approving $46,775 for contractor funding and the need for even more funding for the Harrison County Courthouse Annex.

The contractors said they are annoyed that they are not getting paid for work already completed. However, Commissioners say they are frustrated with several issues, including the building’s name being incorrect.

“I walked through it last Friday and saw several little cosmetic things, though I did see some cracks in the floor. Again, I’m not a contractor, I’m not an architect, so I’m going to leave that to the professionals to give me some advice on what we need to do in the future,” said Susan Thomas, Harrison County Commission President. “It should have been Harrison County Courthouse Annex, Harrison County General Services Building could be anything in Harrison County it doesn’t necessarily need to be a government building.”

The new building on the left says Harrison County General Services Building, when it’s supposed to say Harrison County Courthouse Annex like the drawing on the right.

The Commissioner said there is confusion why the sign on the new building says ‘Harrison County General Services Building’, when it’s supposed to say ‘Harrison County Courthouse Annex’.

“So, there is confusion, and it doesn’t make sense that the architect did this drawing that we are looking at here in the Court House, but over on the building, it’s completely different. It makes no sense,” said Thomas.

Current expenses with changes included. (WBOY Image)

Currently, the new building has three demolition changes and nine regular changes that are going to cost an additional $563,846 to complete the new facility.

The commission is questioning how things have been changed without approval and says it should go through an approval process first.

“Somebody should be approving some of these things, because we have had several little things that I don’t understand,” said Thomas. “We have several issues that we need to get addressed and I think the timeline was we were supposed to already be in the building and I can’t tell you when that will happen.”

Additionally, the Commission passed $80,536 in funding for Volunteer Fire Departments for LUCAS chest compression machines for CPR.