CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – While we never lived alongside dinosaurs, Harrison County Parks and Recreation is trying to replicate what it may have been like with its Moments in Time: The Age of Dinosaurs exhibit.

The exhibit features replica and real fossils of several dinosaurs throughout time, as well as activities for kids of all ages.

Also on display are several West Virginia fossils, including the state’s official fossil, an eight-foot Megalonyx jeffersonii, or ground sloth.

On Saturday, the exhibit saw 551 people tour the dinosaurs.

A little girl touches a real fossil of a dinosaur tooth. (WBOY Image)

Officials with the exhibit said they’re hoping they can inspire kids to find a love for science.

“People enjoy dinosaurs, and I think of dinosaurs as a hook for kids in science. We got a lot of kids in here, both boys and girls, that love fossils, want to be paleontologists. Now, few of them will actually get that far, but it might foster a love of science,” said Ray Garton, a paleontologist working with the exhibit.

“We expect numbers like that 500 [people], and it’s just about the word of mouth. It’s how we talk about through media relations and through social media,” said Doug Comer, Deputy Director of Harrison County Parks and Recreation.

The exhibit is open at the Harrison County Parks and Recreation building, located at 43 Recreation Dr., just outside of Clarksburg off U.S. Route 19. The exhibit will be open from March 26 until May 8 with public hours on Saturday and Sundays from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m.