Harrison County BOE discuss the possibility of two communication jobs


Harrison County Board of Education met Tuesday evening and spoke about the creation of two new positions to help the schools.

Those two new positions being a ‘Career and Technical Education’ (CTE) as well as a media position, both positions to help get much needed information out to students and parents. The BOE tabled the CTE position until Superintend, Mark Manchin develops a plan to present to the board, the media position was voted down at this time by the BOE.

“The board has discussed and asked me to take a look at putting together perhaps another position that would be better suited to the digital age of getting information out through communication in ways we’ve traditionally not,” said Manchin.

BOE members say they hope to have a person be able to deliver information through social media letting those in the community know what is happening in Harrison County Schools.  

“Today we’re in an instant communication age. Parents want to know what’s going on, the community wants to know what’s going on, and the school system is obviously a large component of what is going on in this county. The more information, the quicker we can get the information, if there is an emergency, if there is a myriad of things we have to address communication is critical,” said Manchin.

One person spoke in regards to how important it is for the board to effectively engage the community, parents, and students through means of digital communication.    

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