CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Harrison County Career and Technical Center hosted a college and career fair at Liberty High School in Clarksburg on Wednesday.

More than 65 vendors were in attendance from different career fields and colleges. Each college and company presented information to the students and community members in attendance about what they provided.

As part of the vent, the center is awarding $500 in a scholarship or $500 in materials for the career that one lucky person chooses.

“By the time they’re in their junior year of high school, they tend to find that direction that they’re going to go either career or college. And so, this is an opportunity for them to see what’s out there. Colleges clear from Louisville are here today and anywhere throughout the state, as well as many of our local careers that are in need of, of many employees for, for jobs,” said Scott Davis, a Secondary Curriculum Coordinator and Director of CTE. “The number one thing is that they have to have a desire to do something and what this is giving them the opportunity to do is see what they might be, what their desires might be, whether it’s a career go to four-year institution or two two-year institution. And with some of the things of West Virginia is done with the invest grant and things like that and all the tuition that’s being paid for students it’s a great time to get an education.”

Davis added that one of the most important things education can do is to build the community up and to understand what the needs of industry are and how the school systems can have those needs met.