CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Harrison County Community Education Outreach Service (CEOS) Organization collected items for the VA Medical Center and nursing home on Monday at the Harrison County Recreation Complex.

15 different Community Education Outreach Service clubs within Harrison County helped collect items such as lap robes, personal hygiene items, clothing and more. Once all the items were donated, the veteran’s hospital was able to come pick them up. A running joke that they would need two vans quickly became a reality as the CEOS members watched the van fill up.

Michael White, chief of the Center for Development and Civic Engagement, said, “a lot of folks think that as a government facility, or as a government entity, that resources are plentiful, and in some ways, they certainly are, but in others like donations of clothing and donations of a crossword puzzles, those aren’t—that isn’t something that we have stockpiles of. So, these items are what take our medical center to, from feeling like a sterile location to feeling like, more like home or feeling a little bit less, less sterile. So, we’re really excited to use these donations.”

Harrison County Community Education Outreach president, Carolyn Romine said it is truly rewarding to work in the organization.

“You know, it’s really rewarding to work in the CEOS because you are helping people, and this is helping those who do need help, and we are repaying them for all that they have done for us,” Romine said.

Overall, the Harrison County CEOS clubs collected around $10,000 in donations.

If you are interested in joining the Harrison County Community Education Outreach Service Organization, you can call the WVU Harrison Extension Service Harrison County Office at 304-624-8650.