CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Harrison County Commission held its weekly meeting on Wednesday morning with a new position for litter control at the forefront of discussion.

The Solid Waste Authority (SWA) has money to fund a litter control officer for the county, which would help enforce littering fines. Current employees with litter control can not write fines.

Commissioner Patsy Trecost and Commission President Susan Thomas voted for the original contract. Commissioner David Hinkle voted against it.

Harrison County Administrator Laura Pysz (WBOY Image)

The original contract puts the officer under the control of the SWA while using funds from the county. The county would then be reimbursed for the salary of the officer from the SWA, as they have the funding to pay for the position.

Thomas said the second contract gave the Commission more input, and that she didn’t feel it was needed.

“I feel sometimes if you get too many hands in there, it can cause some problems. And, we can, if there is an issue that comes up, then we will address it, and we have the right to under the original contract to do that. If we didn’t have that, I wouldn’t have went that way,” said Thomas.

Thomas also said she would be the first to stand up for residents if things weren’t going as planned.