CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Harrison County Commission held a special evening meeting Monday where it discussed approving travel expenses to the state’s capital city for training for the county administrator regarding the accounting software.

Currently, county administrators have to rely on bookkeeping to do a lot of the reports and the more in-depth reports that they’re not comfortable with. Those administrators say it will be much easier to get reports and are able to know how to properly use the software and run the reports themselves. Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of allowing Harrison County administrator, Laura Pysz, and administrative assistant, Hazel Rader, to travel to Charleston to receive training from Pace which the county utilizes for its accounting.

“So, I am pretty excited about actually going to this training. This is the first one that they have had since 2015. So, it’s been a while since they’ve put a conference on. Pace is a part of Avenue which is the financial software that we use here in the county,” Pysz said.

The name of the conference is “Going Back to Basics” where officials and administrators learn the basics of the software and how to run reports that administrators and county commissioners need and utilize. Pysz stated that the reports contain important information for them to have on the county level because they have a large budget, and they deal with a lot of aspects within the county government.