After a mural in downtown Clarksburg was vandalized, one Harrison County resident took matters into his own hands by erasing a negative image in his hometown. 

A highly visible mural on West Pike Street and Chestnut Street that displays a sneaker and the phrase “Lace Up” was vandalized this week. The word “Lace” was crossed out in graffiti and the word “Shoot” was written in its place.

J & H Ice Cream owner Jake Lamp said he saw the graffiti on the mural Friday morning and decided to do something about it. Lamp went home and gathered his painting supplies, so he could showcase his pride by restoring the mural himself.

Lamp said he loves the city of Clarksburg and hopes others can step up to fix issues in the city as well.

“This is one of the things everyone sees when they drive downtown,” Lamp said. “I love my city. We need change and the only way to change things is fix the problems that we have. And this was a problem so I’m fixing it. Hopefully they can do something about the rest of our city. A little at a time is all that it takes, one step at a time.”

Lamp said he is not a professional artist and that he just did the best he could to restore the mural to its original state.