HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. – Harrison County Schools have been busy with several renovation projects this past school year. Some are finishing up, and others are just getting started.

Lost Creek Elementary School’s project is set to be completed by June 2.

The brand new school is attached to South Harrison Middle School, and will feature new furniture, new H-VAC systems and will have access to some features of South Harrison Middle School, like its gymnasium.

United High School is about to get started on their renovations.

“This new building will have larger classrooms. Our kindergarten rooms will have their own bathrooms and facilities.” said Dora Stutler, Harrison Co. Schools Superintendent

About 80 students out of the total 160 will be displaced starting May 3, so that asbestos can be removed safely from the building.

“Some programs are staying intact, but because of the main part of that building, there’s asbestos removal that has to be done, and that’s the first piece of it.” said Stutler.

The end result of the United High School project is to combine Wilsonburg Elementary and Adamston Elementary into United High School, and move the current United School students into the Wilsonburg Facility.