CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office has adopted a service that has been in the area for a few years and is looking for both sponsors and possible recipients.

Project Lifesaver” is a program that assists families and caregivers of all ages and individuals with Alzheimer’s, Autism, traumatic brain injuries and other cognitive disabilities. These individuals will be set up with a bracelet that can be tracked through a radio frequency in cases of them becoming lost.

Harrison County Sheriff, Robert Matheny, said that the Emergency Management Director asked them to take on the responsibility of the program. After they gladly accepted, they teamed up with their Prevention Resource Officers (PRO) in schools and Deputy Reserve Unit to bring the program to life.

As of Oct. 11, the sheriff’s office has previous grant money and concealed weapons funding that it plans to use to help families afford the bracelets and monthly battery replacements. They would like to have a self-sustaining program, but the initial setup is around $400 and a monthly battery replacement is $10. In cases where families would need to pay, the sheriff’s office would like to accept sponsors for families if or when the time would come.

On the week of Oct. 3, two deputy sheriffs and three reserve deputies trained to become trainers on how to use the equipment, search, and replace batteries. During the summer, they intend to train the PRO officers and other deputies on the project.

“I just think that if you have a loved one that’s in one of these categories, and they wander off, you know, hopefully within minutes, we can get in the area,” said Sheriff Matheny. “If they’re equipped with the bracelet, we can use the tracking equipment and hopefully get to them before they find something of danger, and I think it gives a sense of securities to the families.”

If you are interested in the program or sponsoring, the coordinator of the deputy reserve unit is overseeing the project. You can reach B.K. Vanhorn or leave a message through the sheriff’s office law enforcement headquarters at (304) 623-6655 or through the sheriff’s main office at the Harrison County Courthouse at (304) 624-8550. Vanhorn will reach back out after receiving the messages.