CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the National Child Safety Council (NCSC) this coming spring.

They will be taking part in the Safetypup® program where learning about safety issues can be fun, entertaining, and non-threatening to students. Parole officers will go to every kindergarten through fifth grade school in the county to help teach these safety lessons. However, a magician will be performing in the program and help assist with teaching the lessons.

Some of the safety lessons include topics on:

  • Stanger Danger
  • Bullying
  • Police officers are your friends
  • Listen to yourself, not the “gang”

NCSC provides local law enforcement departments with the most comprehensive resource of safety education materials in the world. Joe Carbacio, administrator at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, mentioned that there are over 700 materials that they could help teach in the schools.

Carbacio had discussed that this is an important program to be instilling into the schools. He said, “the world has changed obviously and, I think that teaching children police officers are your friend, the bullying, that’s a big topic, I think that would definitely benefit the children of Harrison County.”

A mailing list has been compiled of Harrison County residents, and mail will be delivered to residents asking for donations to help fund the program. Officers want residents to know that when receiving these letters, to know that they are not a scam. Everything will be mailed directly to the Sheriff’s Office, and they will send it to NCSC.

Money that is donated will be used to provide the materials including a booklet that will have a picture of all of the county’s parole officers on it, so that students can become familiar with all the officers. It will also be used for extra materials needed for the lessons.

The lessons are free to the schools and its students. Any money that is in Harrison County will stay there, if any extra funding is needed, they will not be using taxpayer dollars. Extra costs will be covered by NCSC.