CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Highland-Clarksburg Hospital and Mon Health System have signed an intent to enter a partnership affiliation agreement.

The two organizations held a press conference on April 12, highlighting the new agreement and what it means for the community.

Highland-Clarksburg Hospital, a behavioral health hospital, will now have access to business support services in its new clinical affiliation with Mon Health. The hospital is relatively new, taking patients starting in August 2013.

Vickie Jones, CEO of Highland-Clarksburg Hospital, and David Goldberg, CEO of Mon Health System, assured community members and press conference attendees that the two organizations will stay separate, but can now utilize each other’s services.

David Goldberg, CEO of Mon Health System (WBOY Image)

“I think the biggest opportunity is we always had an opportunity to refer patients for the level of care here to Highlands as they might need, but now, we can actually sit down together, talk, share and quality plan. So, I think it’s important from a patient perspective,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg also said that the hospital will be critical to helping patients in a post-pandemic environment.

“Post-pandemic anxiety, depression, psychosis. Behavioral health issues have grown. Now, we have an anchor partner to marry what the providers already at Mon Health to help us plan better to provide support for those people who present,” said Goldberg. “Now, we have an inpatient partner to help us align.”

Vickie Jones, CEO of Highland-Clarksburg Hospital (WBOY Image)

“I couldn’t be more excited. I think the opportunity for individuals, not only for our staff but most importantly, to those we serve, the scale has been raised,” said Jones. “The success of this hospital is critical to the patients of West Virginia.”

Two weeks ago, Mon Health announced a merger with Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC). Goldberg said that the merger would not affect this affiliation agreement, nor would it change the logo.

“I think the first call I made before we publically announced was to Vickie,” said Goldberg. “She was as excited about it. I talked to David Ramsey at CAMC and I told him this was one of the things that was in discussion as we talked. He was excited. It’s all about ‘how do we bring ourselves together to make sure that the people of West Virginia have the best choice, the best access, the highest quality of care,’ and it’s another example of we’re stronger together than we are independently.”

“At a time when there were lots of opportunities for individuals to provide behavioral health services in West Virginia, Mon Health has actually been the leader in being able to step up, willing to set up, willing to work with us and create an environment that is going to do nothing but create opportunities for this state,” said Jones.

During the press conference, Jones commended the work of her staff, saying the hospital wouldn’t be able to provide the care it does without their help.