CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Residents were preparing all week for Sunday and Monday’s winter storm to hit West Virginia Sunday night into Monday. So, while road conditions were difficult on Monday morning as snow continued to come down, tow companies were reporting fewer calls than the snowstorm earlier in January.

Brent Moore, co-owner of Triple J Enterprises in Clarksburg, attributed the advanced warning of the storm and the holiday to fewer vehicles on the road. He said that during the storm a few weeks ago, his crew was out for 36 consecutive hours, helping out residents that could not get out of the snow.

Moore said he is always willing and ready to help those in need, but was happy to see people taking it easy in the tough road conditions.

“We don’t want to hear anybody have misfortune,” he said. “The only good thing is if we get to do what we do and nobody got injured and there’s no major loss of property.”

Moore advised people to continue to use caution while driving Monday night into Tuesday. He said that most back roads would not be able to be cleared until then, so be prepared and be cautious while behind the wheel until they can be.